Thursday, October 19, 2017

*In Store Report* + *REVIEW* Glitter Girls - Target

Sparkle Girls at Target $19.99

Made by Battat Co the same company who makes OG and Lori. This is a new line and is not related to OG.

The body is hard plastic and they are exact size as AG WellieWishers. The clothing is inter-changeable. The Glitter Girls are more fashionista and have more accessories.

Already out is the Barn for horses. No horses in store yet.

Outfits for dolls $7.99 with no extra accessories. $12.99 for deluxe with accessories.


 These new dolls great quality beautiful glass eyes fantastic hair all vinyl and what a Super price $19.99 OG hit the Target with these dolls!

 Not plastic with tiny zipper and glitter is built in does not fall off.

 Poppy loves her new outfit! Only one flaw these dolls do not come with panties. Therefore leggings under skirt is a must.

More shoes these are leather like not plastic.

 Extra small packs $6.99. Bring shoes and leggings, shoes are not plastic. The dolls so not come witt panties leggings are the ext best thing. Colors a nice and provide lots of mix n match.

Can I sleepover? I brought my pillow...

Midnight snack? 

I am the Princess of the land of the Unicorns! So yes WW outfits fit perfectly therefore Glitter Girls outfit will fit WW perfectly too including shoes.

Shoes fit!

And so the two princesses became friends one rules the land the other the sky with stars.

DPCI 086041177 - Dolls
DPCI 086041184 - outfits
They are not specific to one product. So for the dolls it is all dolls with the one DPCI.

*REVIEW* Nanea's Island Swimsuit

I just bought my Nanea doll and I absolutely love her and her
collection.  I have her School Outfit, her Holoku Dress and her Swimsuit.

This review is on Nanea's Island Swimsuit.  It is just so cute.  It is
described as a colorful tropical print halter style swimsuit, in the style of the 1940's, featuring wide legged shorts.  Halter and shorts are all one piece.  It comes with a bright yellow  wave print towel, reverse side is lighter yellow.

This set also comes with a tatami mat to protect her from the hot sand, and faux wood goggles that at Nanea's time would have been hand-carved.  I have read some reviews that customers were disappointed that the print of the swimsuit does not match up as in the American Girl Catalog. I hadn't even noticed until it was pointed out to me from these reviews. 

 I think this swimsuit is cute whether the pattern matches up or not.  Mine does not matchup in the front, but does pretty much in the back.  My other doll is wearing Molly's 1940's swimsuit.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

*REVIEW* My Life As....Houndstooth Outfit

My Life As.... Houndstooth outfit gets an A for a look for Melody.

Dress feels silky and soft and has inverted pleats and ribbon belt.

Jacket is not meant to fully close. Melody wears her own shoes. Love this!