Wednesday, August 16, 2017

*On Location* Little Adventures Princess Dresses for Girls

Beautiful princess dresses for girls 6x - 14.

This company also sells doll costumes to match!

*REVIEW* Custom Boy Doll from TM #53

Meet my new by doll, Dylan! 

I made him from TM #53.

 I bought the wig from eBay for $17. 

Here he is in his underwear that  bought at the MCM Benefit Sale from a vendor for $2.

This bis an outfit I bought from another vendor at the MCM Benefit Sale for $12. The shoes are form an older AG outfit.

Here he is with his dog, Max.

I found this doll size dartboard at a local convenient store on the way to the MCM Benefit Sale. It was $9. Amazon carries them. The darts are magnetic.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

*In Store Report* Z Yang, GOTY17 Gabriela and Tenney - AGP DC



Samantha still has a display.


*On Location* Kit's Visit to Pie Town

Kit loves reporting! Come along with her on her visit to Pie Town as was reported by Russell Lee

Lee captured life in this small Catron County town in 1940. At the time Lee was a 36-year-old photographer for the Historical Section of the U. S. Farm Security Administration (FSA. The previous year he photographed the towns of Questa and Costilla in northern New Mexico, and it was while returning to that area that Lee heard of Pie Town.)

 The Pie Town photos helped establish Russell Lee's reputation as a documentary photographer. The majority of his images were in black–and-white, but he also used some color Kodachrome slide film. Although Lee took over 600 images of Pie Town, only 72 were in color.