Wednesday, July 26, 2017

*TAMMY'S TRAVELS* Day Nine - Alaska

Today Tammy decided to visit the gardens in Palmer! They are so pretty and they have a lot of neat flowers and vegetables! Of course it was really busy when we went and it started to rain so I couldn't get too many pictures! but I got a few!

Tammy got to see a really big cabbage! In Alaska our plants and vegetables grow really big because we have an endless amount of sun! I have seen plants even bigger than that cabbage up in Fairbanks! 

We also got to see a pretty purple flower. 

And we got to see a pretty bit of flowers and with a tree overhead. I was going to take more pictures but it started misting really heavily and we began to get wet! So we had to end our trip a little early. But we still got to see a little bit of the garden! 

Maybe next time we will get to see the Palmer museum and visitor center. I tried to take some pictures there too but it was packed and too busy to get pictures! It is on my list of things to do though!

*REVIEW* Troll Nightgowns for Dolls


For the love of trolls
Each troll was a dollar at Target.

These Troll nightgowns came with a girl size one. They were on sale at Kohl's.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

*TAMMY'S TRAVELS* Day Eight - Alaska

One of the things we absolutely love around here more than anything else is our very precious little kitties! 

We have two of them, and they do not get along at all! we have to keep them in separate rooms due to the this fact. Maybe one day they will!

Our first little kitty Tammy finally got to meet is named  Buttons! She is a little gray tabby and we've had her since she was a kitten. She is about eleven years old and is so attached to my sister it is not funny! My sister so much as moves and Buttons will move the same way!  

If Amanda leaves for long periods of times Buttons gets very lonely and sad. Unless she has me around. Then she is okay for the most part. Silly kitty. She also does not like other cats at all. Her tail gets super big and she hisses and growls and puts up such a big fuss! Which is partly why we have to keep our cats separate. 

She also loves to talk to you. She will talk to you about anything and she likes to talk back too which is funny! 

Our other little kitty is a rescue kitty. So we do not know much about her. She is a pure white cat that my sister's friends where feeding for six months. Poor kitty was outside that long in Alaska! 

One day it got really cold! -15 and the poor kitty was crying at my sister's friends door. so they brought her inside. But they had four dogs and the dogs kept trying to attack the cat. So my sister decided to bring her home. Her name is Snowball. 

She just the sweetest kitty in the world and loves to play. We think she is about 2 or 3 years old. She purrs all the time has the cutest little meow. She adores my dad the most out of all of us. Which is terribly funny because my Dad was the one who didn't really want another cat in the house and for the most part has never been a pet person. But he also adores her. They sleep together and she sits on his lap for hours. 

So on rainy days like today, we love to snuggle with our kitties!

LADL Last Q & A

Over the last four years, LADL has had Q&A segments both here and on YouTube.

This will be the last Q&A for LADL, so please be sure to participate. It's open to ALL readers USA / International. Simply leave your doll related question in the comment section below, then look for the Answer post to all questions.